The Light, Sept. 1-14, Saggy pants ban

Just in case you’re not able to pick up a copy of the latest edition of The Light, I’ve attached a copy for you.

There’s some stories in this issue that are in The Light, Sept. 1 . These issues I hope will get you talking. By now you probably know that the Alexandria (LA) City Council voted unanimously to outlaw saggy pants that expose underwear. That’s for girls and boys. I have my opinion. What about yours?

Also, Columnist Leonard Ford weighs in on the matter.

This is an issue that is sweeping the country. It’s my understanding that in most communities where there is a law, black officials have led the way to legislate the fashion. That certainly was the case in Alexandria.

3 Responses

  1. At first, Mayor Roy said he would not sign the ordinance into law. I guess he decided to leave it alone and let courts deal with the matter. Sureley, there will be a lawsuit somewhere down the line.

  2. Mooneymom5- It might not be here in Alexandria, but I agree with you that someone will challenge this ban on saggy pants in those cities that have also enacted an ordinace as Alexandria just did.

    If I was one to wear saggy pants, and was issued a citiation, I would certainly fight it in city court, and if I lost there, I would appeal it to a higher court. A lawyer would be eager to take on a case like this, and probably would do it “pro-bono”.

    With the problems that Alexandria is having, #1- the mayor and the City Council fighting with each other, #2 -high utility bills, and #3 – the city being short on employees, I would think that what someone is wearing and the way they wear their clothes would be the least on the City Council’s mind. But, hey, this is what our City Councilmen are spending their time on. What gives?

    I’m sure that the citizens of Alexandria will remember all the negative things that this City Council has done since the beginning of Mayor Roy’s administration, and I truly believe that some of our black city councilmen will not be re-elected, and it will be no one’s fault but their own. I hope for their better good that they straighten up before it is too late. If not, the next election will produce a majority white city council- 4 whites/3 blacks.

  3. All it would take would be some over zealous cop doing his or her job to fine and arrest these young men. I can’t stand that choice of clothing, all it is, is the glorification of the prison subculture. They don’t need to become the fashion police. The city council needs to understand that if they really want change the communities in which they claim to serve, then they need to work with the police and get the drugs out of the neighborhoods. It’s a joke, because the police are not doing their job and neither are they. The high utilty rates that we pay keeps this city in the”black” and it makes many of our budgets go into the “red”. They haven’t did anything productive since they have been in office. People please stop electing men and women who keep mismanaging your money, misinform and misrepresent you.The city council and mayor situation is embarrassing. If they really want to do something memorable, get some large grants to remodel the airbase, because there are so many people who need affordable housing. I know of many working single people who can not find decent and affordable housing in this area. They can inspire the people in their districts to clean up their neighborhoods. They need to get out into the community to hear the needs of their constituents and stop all of this nonsence! There is so much that this city needs done and these men are stuck in a power struggle that they don’t even know how to use……How sad is this?

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