Peabody Homecoming, Elections, Jena Six and more, in The Light, Sept. 15


Peabody Warhorses, Where Ya’ll At?

Baton Rouge attorney Ingrid Johnson, a Peabody graduate, is looking for all you Warhorses to meet her at the school’s Homecoming set for Sept. 22. From what I’m told this event promises to be big, big, big.

Not only will you have fun, but it’s an opportunity for you to give back to the school that has given so much to you. It’s my understanding that Peabody has produced some people who are making positive contributions to their communities and who are blessed financially. If you are one of them, come prepared to make a sizable donation to the school.

If you can’t make a sizable donations, visit the Warhorse Tailgate Association’s booth and purchase food and school paraphanelia. All proceeds will benefit the school.

Though I’m not a Warhorse, it’s not hard to sense the pride that you have for the school. There’s just something about going to a predominately black school. When it’s reunion time, you know how to party and have a good time.

If you are a Warhorse, show your pride by wishing the football team well on Homecomign Day. Give your school and graduating class a shout out.

As usual, if you haven’t seen the latest issue of The Light, here’s a copy. the_light_sept15.pdf

2 Responses

  1. I will definitely be there. My sisters’ will not be able to attend , but they will make a sizeable donation. I’m the only one who returned to Alexandria (sigh). We are proud of the stellar education we received at Peabody and along with our parents and hard work it shaped us into being the women we are today. It’s kind of sad that we all had to leave and find opportunities in other states. While attending Peabody we had wonderful teachers who really cared about children and who wanted to see these children suceed in life and make something of themselves and to make their parents proud. Thank God and Thank You, Peabody High School.

    Lorraine Lewis Class of 1975- San Diego, CA
    Yvonne M. Culver Class of 1978- Alexandria, LA
    Gertrude Z.Harris Class of 1981- Clinton, MD
    Theresa I. Williams Class of 1983- Suitland, MD

  2. As my Pastor would say, “God has got this thing FIXED!!!” God has been the center of this planning, since the very beginning. Every potential issue that has come up has been turned into a blessing.

    We’re almost 72 hours from the Homecoming activities and I’m having to keep fanning my eyes to stay poised. (I’ve got court in a few hours in Hammond, LA) They mist up every so often, because the vision God gave me is coming to fruition. His Spirit has just been raining down on me, personally, as I’ve done this and that to press towards Sept. 22. I’ve had text message confirmations, phone call confirmations, email confirmations, face to face confirmations. Just confirmation after confirmation that there is a LIGHT shining.

    If any of us think that these alumni activities will be good, STAY TUNED…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

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