Meet me in Jena, Thursday, Sept. 20

Sherri L. Jackson

 The Light will not be in the dark on Sept. 20. My staff and I will be in Jena for the peaceful protest to be held Sept. 20.

As a journalist, who bleeds black ink, there is no way in hell that I will miss one of the biggest events in my lifetime. Though the march will be held days before The Light comes out on Oct. 1, I’m committed to brining you “my” perspective of the events of that day. For most of my career I worked at a daily newspaper with the mindset that old news is not good news, especially in this day when people want information now.

However, my church member, Jules and her daughter, really opened my eyes to the importance of The Light. Ms. Jules told me no matter how many other news outlets covered the march, they still wanted to read what I had to say. That made my day.

Though the newspaper doesn’t publish until Oct. 1, I promised to try to bring you something fresh.

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  1. Ok I need to say right away that I am blogging this out of complete anger. I am from Louisiana but live in the north now and am apalled that we still have this kind of 18th century mindset brewing in Louisiana. Louisiana is continuing to be depicted as backwards and racist as it was 100 years ago. I did say being depicted. What is being taught to these senseless children to make them hang nooses from trees? “WHITE TREE”…give me a break! Only the uneducated and ones unwilling to be productive members of society would engage in such foolishness. The town/world can’t be surprised that the White Boy got beat down…had someone done that to me in my teenage years, they too would have received a beatdown. Also, the rest of the world needs to stop acting like Louisiana is the exception because every town and city big and small in this country screams some form of racism. I didn’t say it was right but it does exist and I don’t walk out of my house or on my job one day thinking White people truly appreciate my education and my professional manner. I think they hate me for it but I love me for it and stand tall no matter where I am or who I am in the company of.

    The District Attorney in charge of the Jena situation is really not worried about how the masses feel about him and makes no apologies for any decisions he has made because he has the support of his faithful townspeople. When I saw him on the news, I had the impression that he wanted all of US to know that he is the one in control down there and none of us Negroes could sway him even if we bused in and flew in 10million people. How sad that his mentality is still stuck in slavery days. The town of Jena should be apalled they have a D.A. who leads with absolutely no integrity. In my opinion, small minds should live in small towns.

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