“Can’t We All Get Along”

When I looked at the local daily newspaper this morning, I sensed that there is confusion in the air.

Throughout the headline story, officials repeatedly intimated that they did not know who was in charge of Thursday’s “official” march. I understand that since the Louisiana NAACP is the official sponsor of this massive march that is expected to bring in thousands upon thousands of people. Money speaks and the state NAACP put up the money in the form of a $2 million surety bond needed to secure the permit from the town of Jena.

Now,  it has come to my attention that after weeks of talking about everybody meeting in the Ward 10 Recreational District Park, there are other “camps” planning their own rally. Division at its best. Though we love to talk about “we need to get together,” we are divided on one of the biggest events that should show the world that black folks can do something positive without infighting.

Apparently, talk show host Michael Baisden and Al Sharpton (according to Eyes Open with Tony Brown), are planning a seperate rally at the “white park” in Jena on Thursday and to my dismay, in Alexandria today. I can understand Baisden wanted to do something in Alex for his fans, but to allow liquor at tonight’s event is crazy. Now, we’ve turned this historical event into a money-making party for people, who we thought were supporting the Jena Six.

You do remember the Jena Six, don’t you? That’s the six black boys whose lives are being destroyed by District Attorney Reed Walters in Jena, Louisiana. That’s the reason we’re supposed to be going to Jena. Yet, once again, we’ve done what the white people knew we would once again do. I’m sure the white folks knew that given time, we would find a way to mess things up.

Don’t get confused about where you should be on that day. I’ll be there. Where will you be?

One Response

  1. I have been hearing about what Baisdan had planned for a couple of days now, and was hoping that it was not true. I can’t believe he would stoop to that level. Some people are even saying that they were passing out party flyers Wednesday after the rally. This was not the time to party and if all of this is true, I am pissed off!!! I was not able to go to Jena but I attended the rally in Washington, D.C.

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