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  1. What a beautiful day this turned out to be! I initally was a little leery about the whole idea since I realize that everyones motives and intentions are not the same in these events. This one will go down in history as The March in Jena, September 20, 2007-A Peaceful Protest for The Jena Six! Doesn’t that sound great?

    Whether you were in Jena or Alexandria or Washington D.C., or any other place in the world protesting injustice I believe that the goal was accomplished. Those who stood on September 20th you are to be commended!

  2. well i think that was a good thing everyone did for the Jena 6. I think it all went to far. It’s not fair for WHITES to get away with everything and the blacks have to suffer. I wish i could have been there….but i will pray for each one of boys and their families. We gon make….just have a little faith!!!

  3. I feel being a black man in America is so hard at times, we have so much to overcome, acceptance from other cultures and within our own race. It is a shame in 2007 that the racial hate is still very strong in the south. I was very proud to see all of the protesters marching shoulder to shoulder. The justice system wasn’t step up for blacks, because it surely doesn’t protect us from the unjstices that we have suffered from in the past and now into the 21st century.Martin Luther King is looking down on the protesters and he’s smiling ,because he’d be right there in Jena, La.. God Bless all in comquering evil against racism and injustice in America!!

  4. i want to know why the black kids get locked for beaten up a white kid but when a white kid beat up some body whether there black or white they a away come now that ain’t right and bush ain’t right neither they don’t belong in there they still have a whole life ahead of them

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