Mychal Bell will not be released today

JENA (AP) — Bail was denied today for a black teenager whose arrest in the beating of a white classmate led to this week’s huge civil rights demonstration in the central Louisiana town of Jena, according to the father of one of his co-defendants.
The bond hearing for Mychal Bell, one of the group known as the Jena Six, was held this afternoon in a juvenile court in Jena. Lawyers would not comment because juvenile court proceedings are secret. But John Jenkins, the father of one of Bell’s codefendants, said Bell’s bail request was denied. Bell’s mother left the courthouse in tears and refused to comment. A man accompanying her said, “Denied” as they walked out.
Bell is the only one of the group known as the “Jena Six” to have been tried so far in last December’s beating of white classmate Justin Barker. Bell was convicted on a charge of aggravated second-degree battery, which could have led to 15 years in prison, but his conviction was thrown out by a state appeal court that said he could not be tried on the charge as an adult. He was 16 at the time of the beating.

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