Noose at Grambling school: History lesson or stupidity



I know you’re asking yourself, “What in the world is happening in this photo?” Let me fill you in before I give you my opinion.

According to the Associated Press the Grambling State University president is investigating a case in which teachers at Grambling State University’s elementary school on campus put a noose around at least one child’s neck and the school newspaper’s publication of photographs of it.

Kindergarten and first-grade students at Alma J. Brown Elementary School were being taught why nooses are a symbol of racism, an article from the historically black university’s student newspaper said.

The article said the children also were being taught about the “Jena Six.”

That’s the facts according to the Associated Press.

These are my opinions

I ran across this story in the local newspaper. My first thoughts were that there was nothing wrong with teachers using the Jena Six saga as a history lesson. That was without seeing the photos.

I ran across the photos and my opinion changed instantly. I became sickened. As a former school teacher, I can quickly think of several ways this lesson could have been presented without “show and tell.” I do believe that the adults involved just didn’t use good judgement. They were stupid.

This morning Grambling’s president is meeting with the concerned parties to get to the bottom of the matter. I’m not sure any meeting is going to make sense of what is certainly gaining worldwide attention. President Judson ordered the photos off of the school’s newspaper Web site. Too late. Just as I’ve captured this photo many others have done so. There’s no taking it back.

The little girl’s life in this photo is changed forever.

Let me know your what you think about this. History lesson or stupidity?

10 Responses

  1. What were these people thinking? Who knows, but what they were not thinking about the danger of doing something like that. What if the person holding the child had dropped her; she might not still be among us.

    If one is a good teacher, then one can explain the details of something without doing hands-on activity as was the case with the nooses. The point could have been gotten across to the children just by the teacher holding up a noose to show the children what one was.

    I would have to agree that this was just plain stupid on the teacher’s part. And then for this picture to put on the paper’s web page for all to see.

    Can you all say STUPID with me? Let’s do it at the count of 3 –

  2. It’s sad to hear of problems like this in this day and age, I myself live in a one race community and really wouldnt know the difference. Yesterday I actually took the time to look into this case, and it isnt only blacks who are treated unequally. This is the time to take advantage and all minorities should come forth and fight this! I made the mistake of clicking on a page that read “racist”, you wouldnt believe all of the derogatory comments to all races! Anyways I do feel that it was dumb…. better yet, “just plain stupid”. Stay strong, we are all equall in the eyes of the lord.(sorry i didnt mean to drag religion into this but you feel me)

  3. I was thinking that Grambling State would be a nice landing spot for Mychal Bell (Xavier University would be better far academically, but alas they do not have a football team) but after this, perhaps Southern University (Baton Rouge campus) might be his best landing place.

  4. Looking at the picture (and thanks for showing the other little kids) I have concern for other youngsters. They have to be wondering how far this show and tell is going to go and wondering what is going to happen to their friend. I hope some one has been paying attention to their needs..

  5. Trying Mychal Bell as an adult was necessary to put his 4 convictions in Juvenile Court out into the public forum. His adult conviction which was successfully negated was his 5th conviction. The Jena 6 episode occurred because the privacy laws prevented the punishment of the “noose” hangers from being in the public forum and the Juvenile court records of Mychal Bell being in the public forum. This created an atmosphere where incomplete knowledge led to such distrust the black community ignored the attempt of U. S. Attorney Donald Washington calm the atmosphere in Jena, La.

    Abby Brown reported in Town Talk “Back in July 2007, U.S. Attorney Donald Washington, a black American, spent much of his time during a Department of Justice education forum helping to clear up some of the “misinformation flying about.”

    Some of the points he made:

    Washington stressed that his office has been keeping an eye on the events in Jena but that it does not currently have a case at all — either under investigation or awaiting prosecution.

    He pointed out that the only issue that has arisen out of the recent events in Jena that carries federal ramifications is the noose incident. Everything else, Washington said, is a state crime, if anything, and should be handled by state authorities.

    “There are more people in this community than black people,” he said during Thursday’s forum. “There are more people in this community than white people. All have to be considerate and work towards a solution.”

    Washington said that during his investigation he looked through a number of pictures of the community at events such as football games. He said you often can read a community’s unity through pictures.
    “I didn’t see from the pictures a divided community,” he said.

    It is too bad that Jena, La and the various people involved, including Mychal Bell, have had their lives treated in such cavalier fashion. There were many mistakes made by many people. Someday, hopefully, we will learn to negotiate differences in a more civilized manner.

  6. I felt the exact same way when I first heard about this situation, and then I saw the photos and thought, “Bad Idea!” A better idea would have been perhaps a slide show presentation of noose hangings along with an explanation.

    I also want to speak out on Donald Washington. I subscribe to the Lafayette newspaper online and when I saw the dozen of protestors at the Lafayette Courthouse; one woman was holding a sign that read: “DONALD WASHINGTON IS A BLACK KKK” I really thought that was just foul! I’m not sure how many saw the Judgment in Jena special done by CNN, but US Attorney Washington made the hate crime points very clear. This man has to act on the current laws in the books. I’ve been doing research all morning into the different states hate crime laws and it’s appalling what I’m finding.

    I agree with the prior poster. “There were many mistakes made by many many people.” mainly the D.A. in this case and before him, The Louisiana School Board.

    As for the Gramblin incident, I’m curious about the fall-out.

  7. What was ever done to this teachers and staff they should be charged with a crime. If anybody know write me back.

  8. Just found this article about Jena LA on the Christian Science Monitor:
    “Media myths about the Jena 6”. It corresponds very closely with the version that U. S. Attorney Donald Washington and Lewis Chapman of the New Orleans FBI office gave back in July. I do not understand why folks accepted half truths and falsehoods rather than the information that these primary sources gave.

  9. Correction on link:
    Just found this article about Jena LA on the Christian Science Monitor:
    “Media myths about the Jena 6″. It corresponds very closely with the version that U. S. Attorney Donald Washington and Lewis Chapman of the New Orleans FBI office gave back in July. I do not understand why folks accepted half truths and falsehoods rather than the information that these primary sources gave.

  10. Very Disturbing…………………………………to see the young girl’s face…………………….

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