Do you have a godly spiritual leader?

October is National Pastor’s Month, and The Light will have a special page in its Oct. 15 issue honoring local spiritual leaders.

Let me be the first to say that I believe I have the best pastor in the world. Dr. Joe S. Green, senior pastor of St. Matthew Baptist Church in Boyce, La., is a leader among leaders. In Central Louisiana, he’s called upon to help in all kinds of situations involving the community, the local church and the universal church. Not only does he care for the souls of his members, folks from other churches sometimes would rather call Rev. Green,  than their own pastor. Isn’t that strange.

Of course, as all humans, Pastor Green is not perfect. Yet, his daily walk exemplifies the godly character that Christ has called each of us to live. Unfortunately, every Christian can’t say that about his or her spiritual leader. It seems that more and more we’re hearing of ungodly actions of those who are “called” to keep us on the straight and narrow.

I hate to say it, but some of our pastors, preachers, ministers, apostles, bishops are living far beyond what Christ has called us to and that is holiness. Of course, holiness, is a word that we don’t like to talk about these days. The buzzwords appear to be “prosperity,” “vision,” “potential,” and other words that indicate it’s all about me rather than about God. I’m all for prospering because God has promised to take care of those who are obedient to Him.

OK. That’s enough of that tangent.

Just as with any profession or vocation, there’s always a few who make the others look bad. I’m sure that your pastor, priest, iman or rabbi is not like the ones I described above.

I’ve told you how I feel about my pastor. How do you feel about your spiritual leader?

3 Responses

  1. my pastor is a man of God and the most humble loving man i’ve ever seen. the man was born to be where he is now. he too is loved by churches, city and even internationally…but it’s the humility in his life that keeps him stable and secure in Christ.

    good blog!

  2. My Pastor, Reverend Joshua Joy Dara exemplifies all that a pastor should be. He not only has the annointing but constantly displays the leadership and chracter that is truly lacking in this community and the world. I personally feel that he is innovative in his approach to attempt new things. He constantly engages the congregation to commit to change, if they truly want to change their very existence. Teaching that Faith and Love of God is truly important in order to be in this world. No man is perfect and following the teachings of Christ is a daily struggle for each and everyone of us. Being an imigrant to this country, he strives to let the native born Americans know that anything and everything is possible with the belief of faith in God in ones life. Opportunities exist for all people and you can not sit around and moan about not having your chance at one. He has proven that on a continuing basis that you too can succeed in America and not wait on a handout. He has given women a voice to be an inspiration to empower other women and girls to become the women who will become catalyst for change within their own communities. But he knows that with hard work you can achieve greatness regardless of the many obstacles that we might face. He has proven himself as a very successful businessman, and has shown many men and young Black boys, that here is a man who is worth emulating and aspiring to become. He has shown men that it is okay to worship God in public. He is not afraid to denounce the negative stereotypes that he see’s our youth following. “Because, if Mommy or Daddy aren’t saying it, then the Preacher sure can say it.” Many people become disenchanted with their Pastors when they forget that they too are human and not God. Alexandria is blessed to have him as a resident of this city. Alexandria would be a great place to live if we had many Black Men who thought like him.

    I Thank God For Our Pastor and Pastors at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church and May We All Continue To Grow In Christ.

  3. My Spriritual Leader is God and I Am.

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