Police brutality in Alexandria, La.?


 Don’t read any further until you’ve watched the vido clip by clicking on the above link.  If the link doesn’t work, you should copy it into your browser.

Now that you’ve looked at the video, are you as appalled as I am. Almost six months after this dreadful incident, we learn that such tradgedy occurred in our fair city. Why did it take so long? Mayor Jacques Roy is asking that same question.

According to the local press, Sgt. Kenneth Rachal used a Taser stun gun and physically threw Doris Moses to the ground in an incident that occurred on April 8, which was Easter Sunday.

Apparently, the city prosecutor is saying there was no reason to arrest Moses. The mayor and police chief are concerned that the city is in trouble. The chief is already talking about settlements.

Look at the video for yourself. You decide if the officer used excessive force.

One Response

  1. I’m just as shocked as anyone else is on this one. After watching the video on KALB-News, I could not believe the police statement that was written. When in clear view what he said had happened, actually didn’t happen. Some of the people in this area boggle my mind with the ridiculous statements that they make, as if everyone around here has absolutely no intelligence. For the Mayor and the Chief to just find about this… is kind of embarrassing. I’ve often wondered who runs the police department because it seems as if they never really enforce any laws. This is a clear case of a cover up by those who knew of this incident. I’m waiting to see how this one turns out. And as for her choice of Lawyer, that’s another subject all by itself.

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