This is too much


When it comes to the injustices forced upon the six boys involved in the now famous Jena Six case,  I’ve pretty much supported those involved.

However, I’m a bit miffed that these boys (Byrant Purvis and Carwin Jones) are acting as if they are celebrities on the red carpet at the BET Awards. Do they not know that they are facing criminal charges handed down by a judicial system that is looking for anything to send them to prison.

Where were the parents? Where are they attorneys of these young men? Somebody should have known that this would not go over well with people, many who took off from their jobs on Sept. 20 to show support to their cause.

Speaking of Sept. 20. While standing near the stage where Al Sharpton and Michael Baidsen held court in front of the LaSalle Parish Courthouse, I thought I was at a concert when the these same young men walked around greeting the crowd. Of course, the screaming girls didn’t help the situation. They treated the young men as if they were Hip Hop artists, instead of the boys who were facing the toughest challenge of their lives.

Certainly, the boys have gained notoreity, but  I don’t think this is the way to go. Somebody, anybody, please remind the boys they are not Hip Hop artists. They are two of the six boys involved in a case that could change the face of America.

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  1. Seeking publicity, seeking publicity, seeking publicity. That’s what this whole “Jena Six” affair has come to be, and it is us, the general public who rallied for the “Jena Six”, who have put these boys in the sportlight, and we are still putting them in the sportlight today, as we will not let this issue die. Granted injustices were thrown their way, but let’s be for real, it is time for us to let the justice system take over.

    First it was Robert Bailey who garned attention when he appeared on Facebook smiling with a wad of $100.00 bills in his mouth. That picture sure didn’t look like someone who was facing serious time in jail. It was more of a joke to him than anything else, and it made him seem like he didn’t really care about what he did ( beat up Justin Barker) that put him in the spot that he is in today.

    Now, two more of the “Jena Six”, Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis, have gotten their 15 seconds of fame (as they say in show business) by posing at the BET awards for all of America to see. What’s given with these boys? It is if they don’t have a worry in the world. But hey, the public knows about them, so why not give the public a show. They can now come back to their “little hick” town of Jena, and tell all their friends that they met this artist, that artist, and that they were mingling among the hippest black stars in the music industry. Being part of the “Jena Six” was probably the fartherest thing from their mind. Why worry about what is going to happen to them when they can bathe in the spotlight of “celebritity heaven”.

    With Bailey, Jones, and Purvis acting like total idiots, I hope that the remaining three boys have better sense than them, and not put themselves in the public eye in a negative way.

    These boys know right from wrong, and know what they are doing. But where are their parents who should be watching their every move, and making them behalve. But what can you expect from parents who themselves are also seeking publicity by showing up here and there. Sometimes I think that the parents think that they are the ones suffering the most, not their sons.

    These boys and their parents from here on out show stay out of the public spotlight, settle in Jena, and keep a low profile. If this keeps up, the public who rallied for their cause will begin to think that being famous is more important to them than trying to correct the wrongs that has been to their sons.

    But, hey, we are dealing with “black folk” who never had nothing,and if it wasn’t for the “Jena Six” they would still be doing the same things that they were doing before all of this happened.

    And probably when everything is said and done, and the final outcome of the case is settled, these boys and their parents will go back to their old ways of having nothing. They will just pick up where they left off.

  2. This is too much for me to imagine, I am beyond bewilderment. What is wrong with these people? Everyone is missing the total picture. They need to read the article that one of the journalist at wrote about them.Yes, America’s judicial system is far from perfect but they need to deal with reality. And the reality is, that many parents have failed their children and as parents they have the responsibility to correct this misinterpretation of “cause célèbre” that is now dividing this community and this country. After the march, I have began to put several thoughts into perspective. Mister(s ) Baisden,Jackson, Sharpton and others have not mentioned one time any of the problems that plague the Black community. Nor have they given any real solutions about “over comming” this downward spiral. I’m sure they mean well and want to empower the community. My main question is, when are we going to “shine” the spotlight on our own failures? It seems as if everyone is avoiding the real issue at hand. Prosperity has been bad for some folks and if you’ve never earned it, you will never keep it…

  3. I discovered a log about events in Jena as the occurred that was put on line by a preacher. I found all his articles fascinating reading but here is the one I would recommend to anyone wanting an inside view of Jena:

    The Chronological Order of Events Concerning the ‘Jena Six” posted by the Jena newspaper reported that on Dec. 7, 2006, 35 ministers and lay-leaders of black and white churches formed a ministerial alliance to help folks cope. Why is it that the activities of this integrated group of Jena citizens have not been reported?

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