Bayou Classic brings family, friends and memories together

Kevin W. Brown at Grambling State University graduationEugene Sutherland at Southern University graduation

Many people will head down to New Orleans for the annual Bayou Classic. The Bayou Classic is one of the biggest happenings among historically black colleges. In this case, it’s the annual football game between Southern University and Grambling State Unniversity.

Though the football game is the biggest event of the weekend, it’s not the only event. There’s plenty to do for the entire family.

Grambling and Southern reach the entire world as their graduates touch every facet of society.

In the Nov. 15-31 issue of The Light, read how these two schools have touched the lives of two of its gradutes. nov-15-31-the-light.pdf

2 Responses

  1. Yes, the Bayou Classic is one of the greastest event in the history of Black College Football but I expected GSU to be printed in the front of SU, in the news article especially since GSU’s record is much better this year in winning football games. But it’s okay we look forward to taking the classic in New Orleans and the SWAC championship as well Eugene!

  2. Hello Dana and other GSU fans.

    I have three words to say I am sure they will bring FEAR to any Tiger fan. Those words are Southern Jaguar’s RULE!

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