In The Light, Dec. 15: Jams and Jokes, Alexandria’s Christmas parade, new fire chief


Read the Dec. 15 issue of The Light.

In this issue, read about Alexandria’s new fire chief, the big comedy show that’s coming and much, much more.

Christmas parade 2007


Click on the link below and enjoy The Light’s photos from the Alexandria Christmas parade

Mychal Bell pleads guilty, admit he hit Justin Barker


Mychal Bell no longer faces a trial that could have landed him in jail for a long time. He agreed to a plea bargain that garnered him 18 months in a juvenile facility, according to the local newspaper.

In a hearing Monday, Dec. 3, Bell admitted that he hit Justin Barker, knocking him unconscious, but his attorneys would not comment about what led up to the attack of the white student.

Bell has been ordered to pay more than $930 in restitution,¬†court costs and Barker’s emergency room medical costs.

The Barkers have until today, Tuesday, Dec.4 to file a civil lawsuit against any of the students involved in the now famous Jena Six case.

This agreement has bearing¬†on the other cases as Mychal if called upon to testify must answer “truthfully.”

What do you think? Should Mychal have accepted this plea agreement?

Watch out for those red lights, someone may be watching


You wake up an hour late for work, drop the children off to school and haul down MacArthur Drive speeding through the red light at a major intersection.

You make it to work 15 minutes late, but that’s OK because your supervisor comes in later than you do. All is well that ends well.

That is until you receive a traffic citation in the mail from the Alexandria Police Department claiming a camera posted at that major intersection on MacArthur Drive caugt you speeding through that red light.

This scenario is fictitious. However, it is one that may occur when the red light cameras are installed at three major intersections in Alexandria, LA.

For the rest of this story that was published in the Dec. 1 issue of The Light, click: the_light_dec1.pdf