Jonathan Goins wants to bring positive change to District 3

 Attorney Jonathan Goins, a native of Samtown in a home at the corner of Block and Juliet streets, hopes to sit in Councilman Charles F. Smith’s District 3 seat.

The Southern Law Center graduate made his intentions known in a formal announcement Monday, April 14, on the steps of City Hall.


 Goins is a Peabody High School graduate. He passed the bar in 2006.

This is the full text of Goins speech:

Every child deserves at least one person in his or her life who would sacrifice everything for that child’s well-being; I had at least two. Not far from here, in a wood frame home on the corner of Bloch and Juliet Streets down in Samtown is my family home. 

My mother and grandmother resolved that they would give us the best that they could, and they did. They taught us at a very early age about integrity and character.  They taught me that you better stand for something or you will fall for anything.  They would go without, so that my brother and I could go with.  Many times they would send their last down to Southern University just to ensure that we had books and food. In all of my 26 years, they provided me with the tools to be competent in life:  patience, dexterity, 


Beyond my home at Bloch and Juliet, the Samtown/Woodside community nurtured me. Peabody Magnet High School nurtured me.  My church, Second Union Missionary Baptist, and my pastor, Rev. Joseph Martin have nurtured me. 


 It did take a village to raise this child, and I am proud to say: this is my village.

Of course, as I have come along, my village has expanded. It includes Southern University and so many good friends I made there. It includes my law school, Southern University Law Center. It includes Silver Trowel Lodge #18, Peabody Tailgater’s Association. It includes many of my mentors, Mr. Joe Fuller, Lou Howard, Earl Cross, Bridgett Brown and Ingrid Johnson.


Those of us who know better must change the conversation about where this community is going. Our community is growing too fast and the issues are too pressing to ignore any longer. Whether it’s the future of our roads, the future of our neighborhoods or the future of our government, the people of Alexandria want leaders who are thinking about where we’re going and who are courageous enough to chart a wise course. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.


 I’ve got a simple philosophy: Put the citizens of Alexandria first.

It starts with solutions. We need leaders who are committed to solving problems, not creating them. The people of Alexandria are pleading for change, and they wonder whether our City Council remembers who pays the bills around here. We’re paying more and more for utilities and getting less and less in return.


Alexandria prospers today because of the leadership we had a generation ago. We are not planting the seeds for future prosperity. When I look ahead to the future, I know that we need to give Alexandria the kind of government it deserves, a government that is efficient, a government that is effective, and a government that works for us — not a government that we work to support.


We also need opportunity. We need to create more opportunity in Alexandria, not less. In District 3, large numbers of children arrive at school unprepared to learn. Many of our children have seen so little opportunity, so little responsibility, so little loving, so little caring, that they literally cannot imagine the life we are calling them to lead. But they must, and we must do our part to expand their horizons. We need them to build lives of accomplishment, not lives of broken dreams. The City can help.

The City can help by being fair across the board.  The same funding that is used over in Compton Park in Charles Park.  Let’s use those funds to make sure Frank O. Hunter Park is up to those same standards if not more.  The same funding that is used for Heyman Lane and Versailles lets make sure that Jones Street and Lincoln Road get that same type of attention.


In closing, I want to remind you that District 3 is not just a collection of neighborhoods; District 3 is a much larger village that is home to all of us. All of us out here either live or know someone in Acadian Village, Samtown/Woodside, or the Lower Third area.  We have an obligation to leave this area in a better condition than we found it. In so many ways, what we are called to do today is akin to what my mother and grandmother did for me throughout my life. They sacrificed for me so that I can stand here today, a product of a village that has taken such good care of me. Now, it’s my turn to take care of my village.


Our Community, Our Change, Our Future


2 Responses

  1. This is the type of leadership that this community needs, someone who is innovative, intelligent and capable of independent thought. This young man has shown that he has the courage to take a stand against the “status quo” and the “old guard” of this community. Prepare for the mud slinging and if he is determined to become elected, he needs to let those within the entire community know exactly who he is and what are his goals to progress the community. This will take a “grass roots” effort on his behalf to get the vote out. A majority of the citizens of this city must understand that they are entitled to a better quality of life and should be able to enjoy the same benefits in which others take for granted. Complacency is definitely an option for far too many people in Louisiana and that mindset must be changed if the community truly wants to prosper. Any positive campaign will be met with resistance, especially if it deals with changing a communities present situation. As a collective force, we need to get the attention of those in Washington and Baton Rouge and remind them to perform the job in which they were hired to do…serve the people and not the lobbyist or special interest groups.

  2. The job where I work doesn’t really bring into play what a person does for a living. It is about just meeting people everyday, just for a brief moment, exchanging a few words. I have know Mr. Goins alot longer than I have know what it is that he actually does. He struck me as a very friendly individual, one who always took the time to shake my hand, took the time to listen to what I had to say and these days he always has a friendly smile, a kind word and always laughs at a good joke. Thanks Mr. Goins for showing you’re true to your family upbringing, each and every time we cross paths.

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