Third Circuit Court affirms Judge Swent’s ruling in Smith vs. Goins

Today, the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed Ninth Judicial Court Judge Rae Swent’s ruling that allows Jonathan Goins to run against Charles F. Smith for the District 3 council seat.

Smith and his attorneys contend that Goins doesn’t live in the District 3 area, but instead lives in an apartment complex off of Louisiana Highway 28 West.

Click here for the ruling:LA Third Circuit Court ruling on Smith vs. Goins

One Response

  1. This ruling is indeed a true victory for Jonathan, as I knew that Judge Swent’s ruling wouldn’t be overturned. It’s a shame that it (the lawsuit) had to go this far. What ever happened to the “old fashion” way of letting the citizens pick and vote for the person of their choice to represent them. That is what democracy is all about – leaving it up to the will of the people. I hope that this ruling is the end of the line for the issue of Jonathan running for the District 3 seat.
    Now, as they say – “Let’s get it on” – meaning let the campaigning begin between Charles and Jonathan, let them show the people of District 3 what they are willing to do, and will do to get their vote.

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