Charles F. Smith takes case to Louisiana Supreme Court

Alexandria City Councilman Charles F. Smith has taken his case against Attorney Jonathan Goins to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Smith, who had 48 hours after the Third Circuit Court affirmed Judge Rae Swent’s decision qualifying Goins to run in the Oct. 4 election, filed the appeal today.

Smith and his attorneys Eugene P. Circardo Jr. and George Gaiennie III, claims Goins doesn’t live in the District 3 and should be allowed to seek the District 3 seat.

Judge Swent in her ruling agrees that Goins does indeed spend most of his time at a Provine Street apartment, but that he maintains his residency at the Juliet Street home, which is in District 3.

Smith says that the city charter maintains that a candidate must live in a district at least two years before they are qualified to run for office.

In a decision handed down Thursday, July 31, the Third Circuit Court ruled that the “terms residence and domicile are not synonymuos, and although a person can have several residences, that person can have only one domicle.”

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