Private investigator logs of Von Jennings’ whereabouts

The city hired Private Investigator Mark Gravel to follow Von Jennings, Mayor Jacques Roy’ assitant in charge of developing and implementing a program designed to help minority-owned buinesses acquire city contracts. Also, the city used the Utilities Department’ executive secretary to keep tabs on Jennings’ comings and goings. Here are copies of what was submitted to the city’s administration:


3 Responses

  1. When you are dealing with insecure people you never leave yourself open to attack.

    In the last 20 or 30 years many Alexandrians are now able to earn higher incomes than their parents did. So this new money is relatively new to a lot of people.

    Several of us either had to leave this city or this state in order to use our educations due to the lack of opportunities or advancement because of past racist politics.

    It’s 2009 and it seems that nothing much has changed. We may have our college education or advanced degrees, but for some people this is still hard for them to accept.

    I don’t know Von Jennings but to use a private detective to keep tabs on her was pathetic. They gathered intelligence against her to destroy her and she didn’t see it coming.

    When working with idiots and racist, it is wise for the individual to also keep tabs and observations on your opponents. Failure to do so is not an option!

  2. I feel sorry for the tax payers and the minority business owners. The black people can scream racism and the white folks can scream hooray all they won’t. In my opinion it should be a crime for the Mayor to let this lady stay on for over two years after he figured out that she wasn’t living up to his expections. Why else would he hire his cousin to follow her. Mean while back at the ranch she continued to get paid, so did the Mayors cousin and ABSOLUTELY nothing got done for minority businesses. Maybe that was the plan all along. Put her in the position knowing she can’t get the job done and then fire her after a few years. I’m sure it didn’t hurt to help Cuz out along the way/..

  3. I find all of this dialogue laborious. It all boils down to, what was her job description and was she performing it? You can yak all you want to about her job NOT being an eight to fiver, but if that is what the administration expected of her, and she agreed to it, than she was not performing her job properly. I would love to see her formal job description alongside what she has really been doing these past two years and see how it compares. It does not matter that she felt like she was doing what she was supposed to in her own way, what matters is whether or not she was fulfilling her job contract and performing the duties the City expected of her. Some people feel that they are above the rules. In this case it got Ms. Jennings fired. I would hope that if I was performing my job poorly, that I would get fired too. It is an annoyance to see people get paid the same, or more, as I, but do not carry out their duties and cry foul when they get written up or fired. Puh-lease……… Minority businesses should be happy she is fired. Now, the City can hire someone to do the job right.

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