The Light honors 10 men who make a difference

Men of Substance cover

By Leonard Ford

He’s your neighbor.

He’s your pastor.

He‘s your banker.

He’s your police juror.

He volunteers to help senior citizens. He’s a local historian. He mentors your children. He’s the board president of your local health care center. He’s a principal.  And he’s a Man of Substance.

But there’s more to them than meets the eye. Every day,  in Alexandria there are countless individuals who pour their hearts and souls into mentoring youth, sprucing up neighborhoods, working with the elderly, or simply volunteering their time and energy to help others. Their acts of service may not gain them any attention, but what they do, has positively impacted their community and others.

The men who have been nominated by their families, wife, church member, friend, or others, and who have been chosen as The Light’s 2009 Men of Substance are just a few of those  whose passion to serve motivates them to contribute to their community, to assist those in need, and to uplift individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Everyone knows that volunteerism and service plays an important and significant role in communities around the country, particularly black communities.

All of them stand out for taking the extra steps to do what is needed to help others and are behind the scenes making things happen that you don’t hear or read about. They each have shown a conspicuous level of compassion, commitment, and willingness to give. That giving, caring, and sharing of themselves are their ways of preserving the quality of live in the community in which they live.

They have never or never would seek recognition for their work. I believe that each of them do what they do because they want to make their community a better place. I also believe that they do the things they do because they have a heart and a spirit that has no limits. Each 2009 Man of Substance has his own personal style of doing things, which is very inspirational to others and which makes others want to emulate them.  They have done, and are continuing to do outstanding work in Central Louisiana.

Thank you 2009 Men of Substance for your dedicated service to your community, and congratulations on your honor. You truly deserve this recognition.

The Light, Pages 1-4, revised Pages 5-8

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