Black people are not always right; stop defending them at all costs

Leonard Ford

Black people can be guilty as sin

When President Obama, in my opinion, spoke out of line by saying that theCambridge, Mass. Police Department acted “stupidly” in its arrest of Harvard University professor, Henry Louis Gates, I asked myself: “Why is it that some black people, without knowing all of the facts of a particular incident involving another black person come to their defense regardless of what they are accused?

The evidence against could be rock-solid, and proves without doubt, that they are “guilty as sin,” but yet, there are those “coming to the defense of my brother and sister blacks” who immediately sides with the guilty party(s) mainly because they are black like them.

Here are two examples to prove my point.

When the news came out that Michael Vick was arrested and charged for allegedly  arranging and participating in dog fighting, a majority of black people around this country became quite upset and angry because they perceived that “The Man” (whites) was trying to take a well-liked, highly successful black man down. Michael vehemently denied that he had participated in dog fighting, and his denial had blacks believing in his innocence.

All the evidence was there to show that he was guilty, but despite the evidence pointing to his guilt, some blacks defended him mainly because he was black. But as we know now, Michael came clean and confessed his guilt to knowing all the facts about his dog fighting ring. Boy, was that a shocker to those “always-believe-the-black-person” blacks.

And how can I not mention the infamous “Jena Six” case where blacks around this state and around this nation rallied, and rallied big time, for the cause of six black boys who were charged with attempted murder for their part in a simple school fight. Blacks were outraged that something like this could happen, and just by hearing the news of the charges, they jumped into action to defend these boys without knowing all the facts and circumstances behind their case. They saw black skin color and nothing else.

Every one of these boys proclaimed their innocence, and that’s all it took for some blacks to stand behind them and defend them for almost two years. But when some of these boys began getting into more trouble and began appearing as they were celebrities, some blacks who were there for them in the beginning gradually shifted away from their cause of defending them. Many of them regretted that they had taken off work and traveled long distances to rally for them because they soon discovered that these boys had always being involved in some form of criminal behavior. And as we now know, they were absolutely right to do so because every one of these boys confessed to having a part in the beating of their white classmate.

What I’m saying is just because a person’s skin color is black, and they have proclaimed their innocence, that’s no reason to run to their defense when they have been accused and charged with a crime or anything else.

Having the same black skin color does not obligate us to be our brother or sister’s keeper.

2 Responses

  1. so the writer is against her own race .,everyone should get benefit of doubt. innocent till proven guilty you have it backwards -whites think their Always RIGHT.! GOT MORE TO SAY BUT …..MY OPINIION!!!!!

  2. It’s not about rallying behind a person’s color, it’s about being sick and tired of being judge according to your color. It’s about throwing a fit about dogs and threathening to boycott companies yet where were you when men were hanging from trees and women were getting rapped. Did that cause an uproar…hell no because dogs are a lil bit more important!!!!

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