City Park Players hosts OnStage 2009 Awards Gala



Central Louisiana Community Theatre, better known as City Park Players, concluded its 61st consecutive season with a wonderful semi-formal evening event filled with great food, drinks, dancing, a silent auction, and live entertainment on November 20.

Awards were presented during a ceremony, which also featured snippets of performances by the actors that so ably brought each play to life.  James Leggett, master of ceremonies, was assisted by Wanda Schenk.  The awards are determined by votes from season ticket holders.

The Viewers Choice Awards are:

Best Performance by Female Newcomer – Presented by Rosa Metoyer and Jim Weinzettle

Christal Workman – Luisa / Black Jack: A Thief of Possession

Best Performance by Male Newcomer – Presented by Karen Riley Simmons and Kerry Lloyd

Jim Weinzettle – David / Social Security

Best Performance by Supporting Female Actor – Presented by Sylvia Davis and Brad Smith

Susan Hathorn – Rory / Black Jack: A Thief of Possession

Best Performance by Supporting Male Actor – Presented by Paula Antee and H. Wendell Isadore

Jerry Havens – Boolie / Driving Miss Daisy

Best Performance by Female Actor — Presented by Diane Falcone and Frith Harwood

Theresa Louviere – Daisy / Driving Miss Daisy

Best Performance by Male Actor – Presented by Susan Hathorn and Stu Rigger

Jim Weinzettle – David / Social Security

Star Awards – Presented by Jean Holliday

H. Wendell Isadore – Hoke / Driving Miss Daisy

Jim Weinzettle – David / Social Security

Karen Riley Simmons – Sophie / Flyin’ West

Susan Hathorn – Rory / Black Jack: A Thief of Possession

Best Set – Presented by Helen Moore and Stu Rigger

Flyin’ West by Pearl Cleage – Set Design by Diane Falcone and Jim Weinzettle

Best Director – Presented by Kerry Lloyd and Sylvia Davis

Frith Harwood – Social Security

Best Show – Presented by Paula Antee and Brad Smith

There was a tie between Flyin’ West by Pearl Cleage directed by Diane Falcone

and Social Security by Andrew Bergman directed by Frith Harwood.

Board of Directors President Rosa Metoyer  presented Allen Rowlen and T.J. Shuflin with a special recognition award.   She then presented the PRESIDENT’S AWARD to Karen Riley Simmons.

A silent auction included donations from Diamond Grill, Bistro on the Bayou, Lloyd Advertising, Paragon Casino Resort, Kitchen Warehouse, Limousine LifeStyles and Copeland’s as well as original art work created and donated by Dr. Henry Blount, Susan Hathorn, Glenda Kinnison-Smith, and Marcus White.  Other auction items include jewelry from Sassy Girl and pearls from Suzan Richey-Bead Boutique, private dance lessons from Randy Sims, an apple pie every month for 3 months from Atwood’s Bakery and a gumbo dinner for 12 hosted by Mr.& Mrs. Scotty Brame in their home.

The evening concluded with desert by Best Catered Events and dancing to the music of Improv Jazz Ensemble.

City Park Players, Central Louisiana Community Theatre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to offering quality cultural activities and experiences to the entire Central Louisiana community through live theatre productions, programming, and education.  The 2009 season was supported, in part, by grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts and Roy O. Martin Foundation as administered by the Arts Council of Central Louisiana. Additional event sponsors included Red River Bank and Frithland Plantation.

Additional support comes from our patrons and donors and people like you who believe that community theatre enriches our lives and enhances our quality of life.

Call 442-1800 or email for more information.

Blame game full of players at Alexandria City Hall

By Leonard Ford Jr.

Though I have been quiet on the current problems happening over at Alexandria City Hall between Mayor Roy’s administration and some members of the Alexandria City Council, don’t think that I haven’t been keeping up with their shenanigans.

Too much doesn’t get by me. Sometimes I feel that it’s not my place to comment. However, with what has been transpiring at our “hall of bickering” as of late, my self-imposed silence has come to its end.

And that end leads me right into commenting about the deep political divide between our mayor, Jacques, and the city council, especially three of our outspoken councilmen, Myron, Jonathon, and Ed. This political divide both cripples the effectiveness of the council and administration and makes observers throughout Alexandria and surrounding cities wonder what has and is happening in Alexandria City Hall.

Some division between the mayor’s administration and the council is healthy, and disagreement on hot issues is expected. However, after the last several council meetings, there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that Roy has utter contempt for Myron, Jonathon, and Ed. Likewise, it appears Myron, Jonathon, and Ed have utter contempt for Roy. Simply put, they don’t like each other.

This contempt among the “players” has now reached a new level. Both sides are ready to do battle in their “tit for tat” tug of war, which all boils down to finger pointing about who is making the other look bad in the public eye.

About two weeks ago, it came to light that the City Council, specifically Council President Myron Lawson had spent approximately $71,000 for food and beverages for council meetings. It wasn’t really stated who first brought this spending up. Nevertheless, the excessive spending was discussed in a council meeting. Both the administration and Lawson offered reasons behind the amount of money spent. Each one had their say, which wasn’t good enough for the other. Thus, it was the beginning of another way of “taking the blame off of me and putting it on you.” Discrediting one another can be a bitch.

Now it appears that this “taking the blame off of me and putting it on you” has taken own a life of its own. The Council’s Legal Committee is now pressing for the council’s to discuss a “potential conflict” of interest that involves Mayor Roy and whether or not he was double dipping in the Cleco case as mayor and attorney.

Here’s the thing. Something (the large amount of money spent on food) came out that could possibly make Lawson seem that he did something underhanded. He has not been accused of doing anything, and I want to make that perfectly clear. However, with the maneuvering to bring up the “potential conflict” for Roy, it makes it seem that some people, and I’m not saying who, is trying to take the wolves off Lawson’s tail and put them on Roy’s tail. I’m not saying that this is the case . We are smarter than that.

Then there’s Roy, who has stated that this thing with his “potential conflict” is the council’s (I’m sure that he is not referring to all council members) way for Lawson to “deflect attention” away from him because of the large amount of money spent on food.

This entire mess basically pits two men, who I think a lot of us consider honorable. However, with the way they have been playing the “blame game,” it is getting difficult to say who’s being straightforward, and who’s talking with a “forked tongue.” Roy will have his believers, especially those in his administration who has every confidence in him that he is doing what is right. He will also have those who think he is not right for the office and should go. Lawson will also have his believers, especially his allies on the council, who also have every confidence in him that he is doing a fine job. He also will have those who think that he is wrong for the council and should go.

Let’s see who is still standing come election time.

Too much money for 1 minority business

By Sherri L. Jackson

Publisher of The Light,

In February 2009, Mayor Jaques Roy maintained that Von Jennings, his assistant in charge of devloping and implementing a program designed tohelp minority-owned businesses acquire city contracts, was failing at her job.

In November 2009, it appears Roy is suggesting that the city’s program is working too well. Alexandria Fairness, Equality, Accessibility and Teamwork, or AFEAT, is the program for which I am speaking.

You’ll remember that Roy claimed that Jennings was not doing enough to  make sure people of color had an opportunity to do business with the city.

Therefore, I’m in complete shock that the mayor, or someone who is in his inner circle, is claiming that $71,000 is too much money for any one minority business owner to receive for work done with the city.

That’s the only excuse I can muster up to justify the reasons behind the argument that the Council, specifically Council President Myron lawson may have unlawfully spent more than $70,000 with Boutee’s Catering of Alexandria, who is ready, willing and able to do business with the city.

Come on people! It’s not like all of the money was spent so that the Council could party into the wee hours of the night every week.

The taxpaying public benefitted from money spent. More than $6,500 went toward the Louisiana Municipal Association convention. Another $8,500 was allocated to feed the Grambling State Univerwsity band during February’s  Mardi Gras parade, and nearly $10,000 went for the December 2008 City Council inauguration.

It seems to me that the rules keep on changing. When minorities meet the cirteria to do business with the city, it seems that getting too much business was never a part of the deal.

I’ve always said that it’s easy to talk about the rules and the proper bidding process when it comes to people of color. The majority don’t make the rules for themselves. They make the rules so that they can enforce them when it’s convenient.

Yes, $70,000 sounds like a lot of money. It sure does when it does not happen every day. Besides, it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands upon thousands of dollars that other businesses have been receiving since the City of Alexandria was incorported in the early 1800s.

Former Peabody Warhorse drum major to lead SU’s band at Bayou Classic

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Red River Gymnastics of Pineville wins 3rd place in 2009 Warrior Challenge

Photo cutline: Red River Gymnastics Level 3 members, front row from left, Brittany Matthews, Abi Hoover, Jessica Wright, Abigail Miller and Harper Gunn celebrate their third-place team win with coaches, back row from left, Phil Fuselier, Robyn Ladner and Keri Beth Ellis. (Photo by Kathy Gunn)


The Level 3 team at Red River Gymnastics of Pineville won third place in the 2009 Warrior Challenge in Purvis, Miss., on Nov. 15, the second meet of the season. The top individual honor went to Level 3 gymnast Harper Gunn, who won the first-place all-around award in her division.

In individual events, Madison Juneau and Audette LeBlanc each won first place awards in Level 4 floor exercise competitions. Abigail Miller won first place in Level 3 balance beam competition and Brittany Matthews won first place in Level 3 vault. Harper Gunn, who won the all-around award, also won first place in uneven bars and first in floor exercise competitions.

All-around placements were: Level 4: Audette LeBlanc, second; Madison Juneau, third; Callie Spangler, fourth; Alexis Wiley, fourth; Gianna Ficklin, fifth; Alyssa Martin, fifth; Kayla Roland, fifth; Level 3: Harper Gunn, first; Abi Hoover, second; Jessica Wright, third; Brittany Mathews, fourth; Abigail Miller, sixth.

APD narcotis conduct Operation C.L.A.M.P

About 100 officers from federal, state and local agencies assisted the Alexandria Police Department’s Narcotics Division in operation C.L.A.M.P. early Thursday morning, Nov. 12, according to Newman Bobb of the Alexandria Police Department.
Operation C.L.A.M.P – cleaning local areas and making progress — was designed to target all areas of illegal narcotics including distribution of cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, prescription pills and obtaining prescription by fraud.

APD narcotics agents began the first phase of the operation about four months ago by using undercover agents to buy illegal narcotics from people that were selling them on the streets and from their homes or businesses in Alexandria.

This operation was not limited just to distributions from mid to street level drug dealers from their homes or businesses, but agents also targeted pharmacies were people were obtaining prescriptions by fraud.

The second phase of Operation C.L.A.M.P. began around 5 a.m. Thursday when officers from all over the area worked together to try to serve about 70 warrants. A total of over 30 offenders were picked up on outstanding warrants gained during the undercover work of phase one of the operation.

Alexandria Narcotics agents were able to conduct a successful operation as citizens from the neighborhood watch groups became more involved and started taking a zero tolerance stand about the drug dealing in their neighborhoods.

Once information from the Narcotics Tip line and from neighborhood watch groups was compiled, agents gave special attention to the areas of complaints and began their investigative work.

The effort was also helped by full cooperation and teamwork from area pharmacists who are intent on stopping fraudulent prescriptions being filled.

Nov. 1: Boys & Girls Club of Central Louisina hosts major fund-raiser

Nov. 1, 2009 cover


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