Alexandria detectives investigate burglaries, one arrested

Klarens Tatum, 1302 FoisySt., Alexandria, was arrested Sunday morning on charges of simple burglary and possession of marijuana, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Tatum, 19, was arrested inside the Rapides Parish Library, 411 Washington St., after officers allegedly found him inside the building. According to the police report, here is a narrative of the report:

Officers responded to an alarm at the library after the alarm company alerted police that the alarm had been activated and that employees could hear someone inside the building.

Officers arrived to find a small side window broken. They found a cast iron water meter cover on the floor. Police suspect the cover was used to break the window.

While searching the building, officers heard noise and noticed Tatum allegedly trying to kick open a door in the back of the library. Officers ordered Tatum at gunpoing to get on the ground and place his hands behind his back. He did so with no problems.

While patting him down, officers allegedly found 10 $1 bills, a roll of quarters, $8.25 of loose quarters and three dimes in Tatum’s front pocket. Officers also accuse Tatum of having a plastic bag of suspected marijuana.

While placing Tatum in the police car, an officer noticed mud on his shoe. At about the same time, police received a call in reference to a burglary at Fast Eddie’s Bail Bond, 1330 Eighth St., where coins and a safe were allegedly stolen. Also, officers found what appeared to be a muddy shoe print at the scene.

Officers also responded to CQ3, 729 Lee St., in reference to a burglary. Officers noticed the back door of the business had been kicked open. Officers also noticed what appeared to be a shoe print which may have matched those left at other burglary scenes.  The business owner said that it did not appear that anything was missing.

Meanwhile, the owner of The House of Styles, 628 Lee St., reported his business had been burglarized. Officers observed that the back door had been kicked in and that grass and dirt were on the door. The owner said he didn’t see anything missing except a small amount of coins.

Officers  then went to Tatum’s home and talked to his mother, who said she hadn’t seen her son since earlier that morning. While looking outside around the house, officers saw a small wooden fram box, which housed a not water heater. When the officer looked inside, he allegedly found a green backpack sitting inside. Officers allegedly found coins, two laptops, a camera, Pocket PC, cargers and several computer wires. A metal safe was found under the edge of another house. The safe appeared to have matched a safe taken from one of the burglaries.

Also burglarized were First Union Historic Baptist Church, 601 Lee St., and Gonzaque-Williams Mortuary, where computers and computer equipment were allegedly stolen.

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