Alexandria woman accused of stealing wallet from bank

By Sherri L. Jackson
The Light

Carol Stull, 66, 3311 Redwood Drive, was arrested Friday, Dec. 11, in connection with a stolen wallet from Union Bank, 1701 Metro Drive, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

According to the police report, a bank customer left his wallet on the counter after cashing his check about 10:30 a.m. Friday. He notified the bank that he had left the wallet.

The bank’s employee told the wallet’s owner she didn’t find the wallet in the bank. However, when reviewing video footage, she and another employee saw Stull allegedly picking up the wallet from the desk and concealing it inside a magazine. Stull conducted business at the front teller by cashing her payroll check of $216.

The bank’s employee said they knew Stull and that she worked next door at Noah’s Ark Daycare Center as a cook.

Officers went to the daycare center to talk to Stull. They asked her about the wallet and she replied she wasn’t aware of a wallet. Officers allgedly told Stull they observed the bank’s security footage and saw her take the wallet. Stull allegedly pointed toward some other daycare employees and said, “They’ve got the wallet.”

Officers allegedly found the wallet inside of a yellow envelope located on a desk in the daycare center. Stull told officers she found the wallet outside by the dumpster and turned it in toher boss. Inside the wallet were several credit cards, business cards and the owner’s driver’s license.

The wallet’s owner returned to the bank. He told officers he had between $200 and $400 in the wallet. Stull allegedly told officers there was no money in the wallet. She said she had only $216 from her payroll check and about $200.

Stull allegedly later told officers she had taken the wallet and about $292. She was booked in the Rapides Parish Jail on a charge of theft  $300  to $500.

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