Wal-Mart employees arrested on theft charges

Wal-Mart employees Jabari Jones, 20, 5216 Broadmoore Court, Alexandria, and Shawn Williams, 19, 324 Eleanor St., Colfax, were arrested Saturday night in connection with theft from Wal-mart, 2050 N. Mall Drive, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

Wal-Mart’s loss prevention employee told police he allegedly observed Jones and Williams take electronic items out of boxes and placing them inside their pants pockets.

The following items were allegedly stolen:

  • Two Samsung Digital Camera, $100 value each.
  • Four Zune MP3 players valued at $290 each.
  • A Sony camera, valued at $100.
  • A JVC camera, valued at $350.
  • A Moto cell phone, valued at $240.
  • A LG cell phone, valued at $280.
  • A Zune MP3 player, valued at $90.
  • A DS Lite, valued at $170.
  • A Zune 32G, valued at $290

They were booked into the Rapides Parish Jail.

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