Make a child smile this Christmas

As the Christmas season is here, it is a perfect time for me to focus on the many children who will go without this Christmas year. Yes, it’s true. Many children will not have a requested toy under the tree. They will not have a gift to open on Christmas morning. They will not have new clothes or a traditional Christmas meal to eat. Some of them are right here in Alexandria.

For those of you who had gifts for your children on Christmases past, you know how happy they are on when the jolly fat man in the red suit comes and leaves them what they’ve requested. Many children’s faces will be minus a smile this Christmas. Their eyes will be sad and full of tears. Their voices will tremble with these word as they asked, “why didn’t Santa Claus bring me anything?”

Every child should experience the joy of Christmas, and every child should get at least one toy or gift. That one toy or gift, even something that cost less than $5 could make a difference in whether that child’s Christmas will be a wonderful one or not.

I don’t want any child to be sad on Christmas morning, and I know that many of you don’t want that either. Yet, as we know, there will be hundreds of thousands who will be just that because there will be nothing under the Christmas tree for them. That’s why I am asking you to pick up a small toy, clothing items or nonperishable food item to donate to your religious or charitable organization to distribute to those less fortunate than you.

Organizations such as the Salvation Army would welcome your contribution or donation. You’ll be surprise the difference your item will make the lives of many children. You will turn a sad face into a face filled with a wide smile.

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