Surviving one year, ready for the next

By Sherri L. Jackson

In 2009, “I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs. God’s been good to me,
and the downs have been few. I would guess you can say, God has blessed
me. But there’s never been a time in my life, He didn’t bring me through.”

OK. Let me stop shouting and get through this column. I had to get that
off of my chest as we enter 2010, a new decade, a new season. This has been one crazy year with talks of a down economy, stimulus packages and such. For many people,it’s been down right hell. With that said, we’re here to tell
the story. That’s a blessing in itself because many people are not here to
tell how they made it over.

Because we are still here, we are obligated to make life worth living
for ourselves and for others. We are obligated to make sure that no one
is left behind in any arena of life. We are obligated to be the keepers of our
brothers and sisters. We will not meet these obligations
by making New Year’s resolutions. We will do so by making sure our walk matches our talk, which means we will just do it.

We must also remember that to take care of others, we must take care of
ourselves first. That means we must make sure our hearts, minds and souls
are healthy.

It would be ludicrous to think that 2010 will be all good all of the time.
However, it’s not ludicrous to believe that we can tackle whatever comes
our way, especially if we remember that we are keepers of our brothers
and sisters.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes.
Remember, we are survivors and we are here to tell the story.

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  1. Happy New Year.

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