Alexandria (LA) Attorney Greg Aymond missed the mark with his “nigga thug” posting

By Leonard Ford
Columnist for The Light

In your day-to-day movement in and around Central Louisiana, have any of you, by any chance, run into some “nigga street thugs?” Your answer could be a “yes” or “no.”

According to the Urban Dictionary’s Web site, a “nigga thug” is someone who is poor, uneducated, and unable to find or hold a job because of his low intelligence level. A “nigga thug” is also a street-smart person who most of the time lives in the “hood,” is very hardcore, has never learned that acting like a thug just makes him/her look like a total asshole to most people, and tends to only hang out with other “nigga thugs.”

What’s your point Leonard? Apparently, Greg Aymond, a local white attorney in November on his Web blog, called seven professional blacks “nigga thugs.” The seven are Attorney Bridgett Brown, City Councilman-at-large Myron Lawson, Councilman Everett Hobbs, Councilman Ed Larvadain III, Councilman-at-large Roosevelt Johnson, Councilman Jonathan Goins, and Attorney Kelvin Sanders. By definition, nobody in this group meets the criteria. In fact, everyone in this group is well known for helping and not hurting the city in which they are active community residents.

On the other hand, Aymond, according to his Web blog, actively participated in the Ku Klux Klan in 1979. He says he withdrew his membership after a few months.

The First Amendment affords Aymond the right to say what he wants to say, but does calling these seven Alexandrians “nigga street thugs” makes what comes out of his mouth right. You be the judge of that.

I can only assume that Aymond labeled these seven blacks such because he somehow believes they are trying to use their positions in the community and/or on the Alexandria City Council to exploit city government into spending money for major infrastructure improvements in the black neighborhoods.

I may be way out of line in my presumption, but I can’t think of any other reason for his writings.

Here’s the thing. Why is it that when a group of black individuals, especially if they are involved in city government, are looked at more closely and picked apart for coming together to discuss issues that relates to the black districts of Alexandria? That seems to be the norm as of late. When white individuals, who were involved in city government got together to discuss issues relating to the white districts of Alexandria, no one said anything about it. They were seen as the good guys just doing their job. But that’s the way it is here in Alexandria. Black equates to bad, and white equates to good.

It appears that ever since the makeup of the Alexandria City Council became majority black, Aymond has been keeping his eyes glued to city government. I guess he has appointed himself as watchdog to keep everybody in line, especially these seven blacks and others that he seems to have disdain for. He fails to realize that those whites in city government also must be watched, as they are not exempt from wrongdoing. I believe that he knows that, but prefers not to bring it to light. Right is right, and fair is fair. If we have “nigga street thugs,” then I’m sure that Aymond knows just as I know that we also have “cracker street thugs,” “redneck street thugs,” and “honkie street thugs.” Why not list their pictures on his Web site?

Yes, Alexandria has its share of “nigga thugs.” Please don’t get mad at me for saying so because it isn’t as if you didn’t know that already. But Bridgett, Myron, Everett, Ed, Roosevelt, Kelvin, and Jonathan hardly fit the profile of a “nigga thug.”

For Greg Aymond to say otherwise is asinine.”

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