Holt: ‘Don’t kid yourself,’ there’s still much work to do

By Sherri L. Jackson
The Light

For those who believe Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled, Sibal Suarez Holt, the keynote speaker at Alexandria’s noon day event honoring the slain civil rights leader, said, “don’t kid yourself.”

“We have not achieve justice and equality,” she said to a pack crowd at the Alexandria Convention Hall. (Sibal Holt’s speech)

Holt, a licensed general contractor and former president of the Louisiana AFL-CIO, emphasized, “(Martin) envisioned, it’s up to us to make it real.”

The noon day program started late as the parade slated to begin at 10:45 a.m. lasted longer than usual due to the number of participants.

Other program participants included the Citywide Choir, University Christian Prep School from Shreveport, the Rev. Phillip Taylor and Mayor Clarence Fields, who gave greetings from the City of Pineville.

Mayor Jacques Roy participated in the parade but didn’t attend the program. Sykes said an apparent mix-up resulted in Roy’s name not being on the program. Several people, including the Rev. Joe S. Green, tried to get Roy to come in to the program, but he didn’t come.

Meanwhile, the day’s activities began with a Prayer Breakfast with the Rev. George Gennuso as the speaker.

Rapides Parish students celebrate Barack Obama at special program held at St. Matthew Baptist Church



In what is anticipated as a day long event, students in Rapides Parish at the request of Dr. Joe S. Green were excused from their school classrooms to attend an educational program at St. Matthew Baptist Church.

More than 200 students, along with parents and others wanting to witness the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, came to hear the history of blacks in America and their achievements in the United States and the world.

Sibal Suarez Holt, owner of S. Holt Construction and a longtime civil rights worker, was the keynote speaker. She emphasized to students the need to know their history lest they are prone to repeat the negatives.

The students watched the swearing in Barack Obama and jumped with enthusiasm every time they heard his name or saw his face.

More photos of this event and others to come.